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online course Reheumatoid Strong

Your goals. Your schedule.

Rheumatoid Strong 

A self-paced online course for those of you wanting to integrate diet and lifestyle changes with your conventional medical treatments in order to achieve better results. Instantly accessible upon payment, you gain access to resources, tips, strategies and meal plans for life!​

Despite so many medications being available to ‘treat’ RA, it can still be challenging to manage and often remains uncontrolled. It can be frustrating hopping from medication to medication over many months or years trying to find one that works well for you without causing too many side effects.


Medications alone were not able to reduce my pain and inflammation and it took me years to realize that diet, supplement and lifestyle strategies were just as important as medical intervention. And I am sharing all these in my online course and my Rheumatoid Strong PLUS program.

Rheumatoid Strong 


Instant Access

Rheumatoid Strong Online Program



Self-paced online course that teaches you how to manage your RA holistically; LIFETIME access.

Valid until canceled

This program contains 14 easy-to-understand modules that you can complete in your own time, and at your own pace. You gain instant access to a 4-week meal plan containing delicious, AIP-compliant recipes to get you on the right track, and have lifetime access to all course materials

Course modules contain all the downloadable documents, personal videos from Indira, and personal strategies for the following RA-specific topics:

  • Characteristics and common triggers of RA and Autoimmune Disease

  • ‘Leaky Gut’ and its role in Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • The importance of gut health and how to improve it

  • Helpful food eliminations and how to successfully manage them

  • The importance of nutrient density

  • How to maintain a healing diet, balanced in carbs, proteins and good fats

  • How to successfully reintroduce foods

  • The impact of lifestyle factors such as sleep, movement & stress management

  • 4 Sample Weekly Meal Plans to help you implement the elimination diet

  • The importance of an integrated approach of successfully combined strategies

  • Get all of this and Group Coaching with my Rheumatoid Strong PLUS program


Want day to day support?

Looking for more? Rheumatoid Strong PLUS might be the right fit for you. It is a 3-month program that gives you one-on-one access to Indira. This package includes an initial 90 min consultation with Indira, nutritional assessments and personalized supplement recommendations,  discounts on supplements, access to functional medicine testing like GI Map, OAT etc (if needed), and more. All the resources you need to keep you motivated and supported. 

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Get started today with a 7 day meal plan starter kit and begin your healing journey.

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