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My Story

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Hi! I'm Indira

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, an AIP Certified Coach and a cookbook author. I am also the founder of Rheumatoid Strong, a program designed to help women feel the joy and relief of a pain-free life again. 

I was first diagnosed with RA in 2015 and it was the start of two years of intense pain and disability.I was a busy mom, working full-time as a pharmaceutical researcher. RA hit me fast and furious. My symptoms started first with very bad wrist pain and then every day pretty much it was a new joint that hurt! Very soon all my joints were impacted, and my shoulders were the worst affected. Medications were not helping me. So I kept trying different alternate treatments. I finally stumbled upon the 'Autoimmune Protocol' (or AIP diet) and started to combine scientific research with the recommendations of Autoimmune expert The Paleo Mom (Dr Sarah Ballantyne Ph.D) and resources from the Autoimmune Wellness online community. 

"Heal my gut, improve my digestion, support my liver and detox my body."

The most important thing I did to heal my body was to embrace and commit to simple lifestyle interventions that immediately worked to heal my gut, improve my digestion, support my liver and detox my body. Within just 3 months, I saw results. 

The Process

My inflammation markers fell to normal levels, surprising my Rheumatologist, who had previously wanted to put me on heavy biological medications.


As I began to heal, I realized quickly that stress could trigger my flares. I decided to quit my job and took a year to continue to focus on rebuilding my health. I began studying Nutritional Therapy so I could help to heal other women like me. 


I remember being overwhelmed, frustrated, and depressed with all the information out there. My biggest turnaround happened when I started praying. After being dejected because nothing seemed to help me, I was at a loss regarding what I should do. That's when a close friend guided me and asked me to pray with her. That helped me to slowly again latch back on and the faith gave me a new positivity.


Although I finally learned to successfully manage my disease and I am pain free now, the road to getting here was full of challenges. It was all very confusing. There are too many conflicting things in the media and you wonder which resource to trust! That is the reason I decided to create a program that would help other women live actively and positively with what can be a physically and emotionally debilitating disease.


​​As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and an Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Certified Coach, I provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your unique challenges. For the past several years now, I’ve been successfully helping autoimmune sufferers achieve good health and balance in all aspects of their lives, whilst providing resources and inspiration for thousands more.

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“Indira is exceptional. She helped my 14 year old daughter gain control of her RA by making recommendations to her diet that helped with joint inflammation and pain. My daughter is feeling great. Not only in terms of the RA but just overall (weight, skin, mood). I am very thankful.”


Let’s work together so you can live your life strong! 

Gain control of your Rheumatoid Arthritis with science-backed diet and lifestyle strategies that will get you feeling better in 3 months. Start the Rheumatoid Strong Program today and have access for life!

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Rheumatoid Strong

You get: Lifetime access to a self-paced online course. Perfect for those wanting to integrate diet and lifestyle changes with their conventional medical treatments in order to achieve better results.


Available instantly:  Exclusive access to resources, tips, strategies, and meal plans for life. Learn the science behind the strategies and get back control of your health!


Rheumatoid Strong PLUS

You get: Access to Rheumatoid Strong online course, then get started with a  one-on-one personal consultation with Indira!


PLUS: access to a private Facebook Group with LIVE cooking demonstrations, weekly meal plans, live weekly Q&A, and access to discount supplements specifically targeted to your symptoms.


Never feel alone with 3 months of support and community in an interactive, live and private Facebook group. 

What are you intrested in?

Thanks! I will be in touch with you soon.

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